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Saturday, September 8, 2012

my empty time...

well the last and final semester just around the corner...ramai mber2 udah mau balik besok but aku decide nk balik lusa(monday). Saje nk isikan masa ngn mom n yg tersyg for sure..both are the priceless person i have. So minggu yg last2 ni sempat jugak p berjln2 dgn sidia amek angin pantai ..angin laut..mkn seafood yg semestinya ssh aku nk jmpa bila aku dh balik shah alam..foods were amazing but biasala im the one yg habeskan..mana laa xsehat!!!xD well i dont mind as long she is happy and alhamdulillah she feels satisfied with the place...siap bgtaw nak mai lagi tuh ngn mber2 pulak..hehe..its ok as long u know how to take care of urself ok syg.

tggu nk mamam!


mkn time!!!

sunset with her

thnx amek kan tok kite xD

with tudung kelepek@angkin kencang erhhh =)

love ya!

by the way raya pon dh hbes. Tak sempat pon nk post pasal raya ke ape but the important thing is raya aku tahun ni sama saja mcm sebelum2 ni jgk xd ape pon yg menarik. only one new thing yang aku buat jmpak abah aku yang ckop lama aku xpenah jmpe. Bukan sebab aku yg x nak jmpa but mls ak nk cerita. so tahun ni ak beralah ak p jgklaa jmpa dia. one more thing..unforgetable moment was that, for the first time pergi braya to rumah yang tersayang meet her mom and her family..thnx for all the superb dishes! i like it very much awww!hehe..thats the fers time i have someone and have a chances to meet up with her family. i hope this will last long forever. well for some of you, maybe it/s weird org lain rilexs je and im admit this is my fers time yela lain org lain la takdirnya..but for me kalau dh jmpa family ase mcm dah ad satu tanggungjawab kat atas bahu aku nih.insyaAllah akn ku pikul dgn some pics of us...

 eid 2012 with heart =D


im writting this just for you! to let you know how much i love you...maybe if im not around someday, this would be sweet memories for you and me. only you and me knows...=) sincerely, EmezaRahza

thx and you are my everythings~

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